Is A Product Mindset Essential For Digital Transformation?

Is a product mindset essential for digital transformation?

What is the common feature in tales of every company that has successfully adapted to technological upheavals in any industry? The answer is ‘to put digital transformation at the core of their corporate strategy’.

The digital ecosystem expansion is happening very…

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written by Chintan Mankodi for Transformation Services section(s).

5 Reasons Your Organisation Needs an Attendance Management System

5 reasons your organisation needs an attendance management system

Every business looking to succeed needs an Attendance Management System.

It is impossible to run a business without employees who help keep the business operation wheels running. In fact, a business that does not realise this within the first few…

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written by Chintan Mankodi for IT Services section(s).

Trending Technologies Every Business Must Adopt In 2022

Trending technologies every business must adopt in 2022

The human race has evolved in all facets. Science and technology have facilitated most of the drastic changes the world has been experiencing. These changes have transformed how business is done. Now, most organisations struggle to keep up with the…

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The Software Development Life Cycle


In this technologically aware world, there’s practically an application for everything and supporting programmes that keep these applications working like a well-tuned machine. But what goes into the process of creating these applications?

That’s simple; it’s called the Software Development Life Cycle, which comes…

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How Much Tech Is Too Much Tech?

How much tech is too much tech

Technology has been ingrained into almost, if not every facet of our lives. Several jobs have been replaced by technology. Some years back, humans performed intricate mathematical calculations manually. Each computation required the use of several pencils and numerous notebooks, and…

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written by Chintan Mankodi for IT Services section(s).