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Hidden Brains specializes in a range of solutions from Smart Estate Community Security & Digitalization Systems. Our interactive estate safety solution bridges the safety gap between all of your communities- from complexes, estates, condominiums, or cooperatives. We understand that without feeling safe residents won't want to live there. To do this we offer an innovative way for residents and guests alike to feel secure.

Residents needn't worry about potential intruders because these systems provide secure protection for all entrances using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. These systems also ensure that no one gets in without the knowledge of the property owner or resident, while simultaneously guaranteeing safety during transit by monitoring package deliveries and controlling vehicular movement with ease. Furthermore, our smart estate digitalization offers complete solutions to share information effortlessly.

Gated Community Access Control System Video Gated Community Access Control System Video
  • Visitor

    Reduce gate congestion and improve security with verification systems that allow for QR-based access. The owner of the property can receive notifications when someone is requesting entry and then approve or reject them accordingly.

  • Daily Staff

    Verify if a staff member has arrived and then let them through the building. Maintain records of who goes in and out of the office or house you are managing. Keep track of things like an electrician, plumber, or other professional services needed.

  • Child

    With this robust system to manage records for children's out/in the entry. Parents get notification on an attempt to exit the premises. Security guards can send requests to parents for approval.

  • SOS Panic

    A single click of the button will allow you to send out an SOS notification alerting your nearest neighbors, security guards, and close family members about any kind of emergency situation.

  • Vehicle

    Allowing security guards to manage vehicle entry for all members, as well as taking pictures of visitor vehicles coming in.

  • Complaint

    Members have the ability to submit complaints about any damages or service requests. The admin will then be able to view those requests, take action when needed, and track the progress.

  • Polls &

    Admin can create polls for estate members to get important information from a number of points of view. Live or later, each member will receive notifications when a new poll is created.

  • Helpdesk &

    Streamline ticket management to prioritize, assign & resolve pending issues related to the facility, ensuring transparent resolution as well as improving staff accountability.

  • Announcements

    Streamline ticket management to prioritize, assign & resolve pending issues related to the facility, ensuring transparent resolution as well as improving staff accountability.

  • Consolidated

    Track what you need to know about your members-Owner/Tenant Details, total vehicles, and block information. Plus, find records of Visitors, Meetings, and Complaints.

  • Create

    Facilitate an upcoming meeting between group members or committees of various groups and send announcements via email.

Key Benefits Of Smart Estate
Gated Community Access Control Software

Intelligent Visitor Gate Pass Systems are designed to provide quick solutions for managing facilities, security, and day-to-day issues.

Enhanced Security

Get improved security when communicating with residents and security personnel at the gate. Rest assured knowing if a visitor will be coming or if you need permission from an owner before guests come over.

Hassle-free approval

An automatic system for granting entry to people, staff members, housekeeping, and all other important people has been put in place. This system also makes sure no one leaves without permission from parents or guardians after being verified by CCTV footage.

Ease of Operation

This futuristic technology-based security and community management system provides an easier method for users to approve visitors by clicking a button, instead of having to call someone or wait in line.


Get different escalation plans across every level of user including managers, admins, and engineers. You can set the duration for each level according to your company's needs.

Ease of Communication

Seamless communication between different people who work for the same organization is vital to keep everyone updated and connected. Security & community management systems are necessary to stay informed about what's happening at all times and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Real-time access

Keep track of everyone coming in or out with this visitor management system. Information will be updated instantaneously thanks to QR code-based entry.

Information on fingertip

We offer a host of features to simplify all things related to operation and safety, simplifying life for residents, management committee members, security guards, and housekeeping staff.

Unified system for the multi property owner

Manage all your properties from one location. Whether it's for business or for personal reasons, this solution will allow you to monitor and control everything you need with no hassle whatsoever.

Security Matters




    Household Staff


    Vehicles In/Out




    Child Security


    Service Providers

Community Digitalization




    Amenities &




    On Premises
    / Household Staff


    Block & Units


    Service Providers






    Rule Book






    Poll / Suggestion

gated community access control system smart estate platform

Smart Estate is a one-stop solution for effective management of any type of building - whether it be an apartment complex, private layout, row house, villa, or colony.

It’s easy to create your secure, private account. All you need to do is submit your request via email or phone call, and our customer service team will help you set it up.

Smart estates are equipped with helpful features that make it easier for security personnel, homeowners associations, property managers, and office staff to ensure an efficient running of the building. Smart estates also come equipped with features that make it easy for visitors and residents alike to locate their destination within its walls.

All of our practices go above and beyond industry best practices to protect the data you send us from being lost, stolen, used without permission, disclosed, or copied.

Yes, this software is easy to use because of its simple interface. You don't need special expertise and we are happy to teach you what you need to know about this system.


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