Fleet Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Smart Vehicle Tracking solutions to overcome all your fleet management challenges.

Hidden Brains offers Smart Tracking solutions with GPS/GPRS/Satellite technology to provide real-time location information with data such as driver tracking, trip schedule, vehicle diagnostics, and more.

Our smart tracking automates several aspects to provide actionable insights to logistics companies or businesses about the health and efficiencies of its vehicles, driver monitoring on aspects such as rash usage, driving hours, excessive idling, and more.

Hidden Brains vehicle tracking solutions can be implemented in industries like transportation, construction, oil and gas, specialty services, delivery, and government with an aim to reduce operational costs, increase productivity, effective fleet management as well as maximized efficiency.

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  • Real-Time
    Location Tracking

    Get complete vehicle health details to get an overview of your fleet. Respond to emergencies such as engine breakdown, flat tires, or track driver behavior such as speed, hard braking, or sudden acceleration.

  • Smart

    Complete reports giving actionable insights on your vehicle & fleet operations along with instant and real-time alerts for delays, deviation from suggested routes, geofences as well as critical conditions.

  • Vehicle Location

    Track all trips made by vehicle with unique location history feature to monitor information such as distance covered by the vehicle / fleet of vehicle, acceleration, idling, and stoppages, unauthorized trips.

  • Trip

    Trip scheduling feature to review and schedule trips based on fleet availability and package size. Drivers get advanced real-estate notifications about scheduled trips and trip-related alerts.

  • Route

    With route optimization features, seamlessly plan and optimize trip routes based on real-time information available on traffic data, route closures, fastest route, reduce fuel consumption and much more.

  • Geo-fence

    Get real-time alerts and notifications when vehicles enter or exit a designated location on a route. Create geofences directly on the map for comprehensive tracking of your vehicle / fleet of vehicles.

  • Dashboard & Reports

    Analyze your entire vehicle operations with Smart Tracking System using trend lines, interactive dashboards, advanced reports and planned vs actual SLA comparisons.

  • Offline Data Tracking

    Feature of offline data tracking avoids data loss in case of vehicles moving where the network is weak or not available. Hardware can store the information and can send it once the network is available.

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring

    Smart Tracking gives you valuable insights into a host of driving behaviors ranging from speeding data, route deviation, reckless speeding, harsh braking to average time spent on Stoppages.

Key Benefits Of
Smart Vehicle Tracking System

Monitor your drivers/fleet of vehicles, share live locations, and get alerts for unauthorized actions!

Fleet Tracking

Improve the efficiency of business involving the management and operation of a fleet of vehicles to track the vehicle and check its location to save records of the driver if required.

Reduced Downtime

Make informed decisions and schedule trips more efficiently, reducing the downtime of your vehicles. Our smart tracking will improve overall productivity and profitability, taking your business to the next level.

Cost Saving

Hidden Brains Nigeria’s smart tracking solution offers features to choose the best routes for fleets, reducing fuel consumption, and overtime costs.

Vehicle and Driver Safety

Enhance the safety of your field personnel by monitoring your fleet to avert untoward incidents and provide direct support to your drivers.

Vehicle Utilization

Leverage power of data and analytics to eliminate vehicle idle time, reduce over-speeding and decrease fuel consumption for improved efficiency.

Optimize Resources

Smart Tracking allows to monitor your vehicles and get actionable insights on fuel usage, driver behavior, and engine idling to utilize resources.

Better Customer Service

Access real-time ETA and share vehicle tracking with customers by providing customers with accurate delivery times, and other minute details.

Reduce Paperwork

Smart Tracking for drivers, dispatchers and managers to eliminate the paperwork as the system can track and store details in electronic format.

Vehicle Safety Alert




Harsh Braking


Sudden Acceleration


Sharp Cornering


Crash Detection


Jamming Detection



Vehicle Trip Alerts


Late Arrival


Late Departure


Excessive Stoppage


Early Arrival


Early Departure


Route Deviation

Vehicle Fuel Alerts


Low Fuel




Fuel Drain

Vehicle Diagnostics Alerts


Ignition On/Off


Door Open/Close


AC On/Off


Low Battery

Technologies Used To Build vehicle tracking solutions App

Technology Platforms

Compatible with the latest web & mobile platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Based

Third-Party Integration

Seamless integration to deliver better value
to customers

  • Maintenance

  • Asset

  • Inventory

  • Finance

Logistics & Transportation
Logistics & Transportation
Oil and Gas
Oil & Gas
Public Transport
Public Transport
Public Transport
Car Leasing & Rentals
Car Leasing & Rentals
Car Leasing & Rentals
Medical & Healthcare
Medical & Healthcare
Construction & Mining
Construction & Mining
Construction & Mining
Schools & Colleges
Schools & Colleges
Waste Management
Waste Management
Waste Management

Smart Tracking solution is suitable for fleets of any size to track vehicles, drivers, and delivery routes in real-time.

Yes. Our smart tracking solutions ensure the safety, performance, and profitability of vehicles

Yes, our Customer Service team will provide a demo of our Smart tracking system. Simply, fill out the request a demo form and we will get back to you with the demo.

We provide accurate mileage, and optimize routes and fuel consumption of your vehicle. Our vehicle tracking solution indicates and provides alerts for fuel wastage based on parameters like idling vehicle, hard acceleration/deceleration, route optimization, sharp turns, etc.

Our smart tracking provides alerts highly configurable and customizable alerts for your fleet type

Vehicle Safety Alert Vehicle Trip Alerts Vehicle Fuel Alerts Vehicle Diagnostics Alerts

Yes, we do provide various sets of hardware to choose from as per your nature of the business.

It takes almost 30 mins to get the device installed and to get the system up and running.


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