What is SOS Emergency Solution?


Hidden Brains offers SOS alert, emergency & safety solutions that make a significant difference during emergency situations to alert family, friends, and first responders. In dire circumstances where lives are at stake - getting help fast is priority number one.

Our real-time SOS emergency solution are engineered to cater for emergencies when you're always at risk such as lone work, sickness, and natural disasters - ensuring that your loved ones know where you are so they can track down any possible signs of danger. When pressing a button from your phone, we ensure that notifications about the danger will go out so fast, giving first responders time to assist before it gets too dangerous for anyone involved.

We give peace of mind without compromising on quality or features whatsoever - empowering individuals with next-level protection against unforeseen threats against life or property.

Get emergency medical, safety, and security assistance in case of an urgent situation - anytime, anywhere. Your privacy will be protected from start to finish.

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Emergency SOS Mobile App

Know how emergency SOS solutions work to keep you and your loved ones safe, always. Advance features to ensure safety in case of an emergency or a panic situation.

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  • Citizen

    With Citizen Registration you can create an account and register your profile in a simple and seamless manner.

  • Circle of Care

    Add your loved ones to the Circle of Care notification system to receive emergency alerts.

  • QR

    We provide QR codes for easy access to personal profiles that contain all the necessary information.

  • Raise

    Option to contact emergency responders via text notifications or in-app notifications through an SOS button/alarm.

  • SOS

    Send SOS notifications to Police, volunteers, Circle of Care with the person's location (via SMS or push notification).

  • SOS

    Our emergency management solution includes complete features allowing quick response for first responders and volunteers.

  • Real-Time

    Using constant location information and real-time updates for citizen safety when emergencies arise.

  • Activity

    Ensure you have a complete timeline of records for everything that happens at all times, so you can easily monitor it.

  • Mobile

    This easy-to-use app brings together people from across the community - from police officers to citizen volunteers.

  • Web-based

    Web-based interface allows effective monitoring during emergencies.

Key Benefits of
SOS Emergency Alert App

Designed for protection against any potential threat or disaster. Emergency safety and security assistance in case of an urgent situation by informing ciricle of care members and law personnel.

No Delay

In an emergency, situation time is of the essence. Our SOS app will notify volunteers, law enforcement, and family members immediately so that no time will be wasted.

Contact Your Network

Efficiently contact all of your family, friends, and first responders at once with an easy-to-use interface to solve urgent situations.

Location Sharing

In-built GPS function to automatically provide the location of a person in distress, and allow people nearby to reach out.

Real-time Information

Stay safe and informed with up-to-date alerts for disasters. Stay connected with your loved ones on a constant basis.

SOS Emergency solution platform image

Technology Platforms

Compatible with latest web & mobile platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Based
    iOS / Android

Threat Monitoring

Threat Monitoring

A Secured Emergency Alert App lets you send alerts through two different methods - text message & in-app notifications during dangerous situation like violence, burglary, or even abduction - the Secure Emergency Alert App can serve as your perfect savior!

Safety of Elderly

Safety of Elderly

Stay in touch with your parents, and grandparents and keep up-to-date about anything suspicious happening around them. Install this Emergency Alert App to receive text messages when they are experiencing problems for real peace of mind.

Healthcare Emergency

Healthcare Emergency

When you find yourself in an emergency situation and can't contact your family or friends, getting them the all necessary information through our Emergency Alert app will make it easier for them to find you faster.

Mr. Sentry is an all-inclusive emergency call app that comes with a full set of features designed to keep people safe during emergencies. Whether it text notifications or in-app messages sent out to your family and friends so they know what is going on, we're here for you. In case it wasn't obvious already, we've got this covered.

When you dial 'SOS' our SOS, an emergency text message or inapp message is sent to circle of friends, volunteers or first responders.

Hidden Brains SOS app is not an emergency contact app to detect falls, drops in body vitals, or periods of inactivity. It send text notifications or in-app message to your circle of friends, first responders and volunteers.

In order to start using the emergency alerts app, we need to set up your profile. This includes adding information such as email address, phone number, and contact list so that you can use all the app has to offer including logging in, setting up how notifications work for you personally, and more.


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