All-inclusive Digital Visitor Management System for Various Industries

Hidden Brains offers Visitor Management Systems that are tailored to the needs of your company or organization. We offer a variety of features such as registration, tracking, and data analysis which allow you to improve efficiencies, make operations easier, and even provide personalized care to visitors.

With Visitor Management Solutions, you can choose which areas of your premises are off-limits to anyone with regular access. You may want to keep your most private rooms from family members, give only temporary access to coworkers for meetings and presentations, or only allow those who are authorized for special situations- all while maintaining safety and security.

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Smart Visitor Management System Solution

Seamlessly manage visitors coming to your office with visitor management solutions. Get suite of features such as Visitor Screening, QR Code Scanning, Digital Document Signing, and more.

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  • Planned

    Our visitor management system simplifies the task of organizing and scheduling visitors to your company. With an easy-to-use interface, get up-to-date information about visit requests.

  • Ad-Hoc

    With our next-generation visitor management system, you can freely accept ad-hoc visitors without disruption to company operations or sacrificing your security measures.

  • Visitor

    Automate your admissions process with visitor management and pre-screening systems. Touchless visitor check-in or pre-screening eliminates lines at the door and reduces wait times.

  • QR Code

    Easily check in at your event by scanning a QR code or completing an online form that takes just minutes. Our software is tailored to make it easy for both you and attendees.

  • Badge

    An identification system for visitors uses a picture of their face and assigns an ID number. This badge number stays with visitors in office, allowing guards to know who's authorized.

  • Digital Document Signing

    Confidentiality can easily be ensured by digitally signing paperwork with a signature app. This gives you peace of mind knowing you're protected against cyber-attacks.

  • Instant

    Automatically stay connected with your visitors through automated emails or texts sent to them when they arrive at your facility, this will make sure they feel safe and secure.

  • 3rd Party

    Establishing complete control over who gets access to your facility is easy thanks to the visitor management system. With third-party integration, manage your visitors effortlessly.

  • Visitor

    Our intuitive visitor management system centralizes all historic & crucial data, giving you complete real-time insights about your entire office visitors, across multiple branches.

  • Quick

    Record statistics quickly using the visitor management software in your office. It tracks all details about visitors, like duration of visit, frequency, etc.

  • Online/Offline
    Data Sync

    Our technology automatically syncs your customer data so you can see it from any device at any time of day.

Key Benefits of
Automated Visitor Management Solutions

One centralized dashboard for managing visitors. Take full control of your guests' experience with your company from a single location.

Organization Transparency

Let us keep you updated on what your visitors are doing so you can make the most of their visit.

Real-Time Data Visibility

You can now keep tabs on every visitor with the ability to monitor traffic from multiple locations and companies.

Data Accuracy

Records for every single visitor are recorded and kept electronically for easy access. This makes it easier to find someone's information

Intelligent Reporting

Start identifying where visitors go, what they do, and how long they stay there. Then use this information to convert them into customers

Easy Installation

The installation process of the visitor management system is really easy and can be done in minutes. You can access it from anywhere.

Compliance & Safety

The compliance features of the Visitor Management System make sure that your company stays compliant with all regulations - which means you're doing things right.

Visitor management system platform

Technology Platforms

Compatible with latest web & mobile platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Based

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
Oil & Gas
Government Offices

Government Offices

A visitor management system for government agencies tracks every last detail of who visits and when to make sure you are complying with all regulations.



Hospitals can use visitor management systems to keep track of who enters and leaves the building.

Corporate Offices

Corporate Offices

Streamline the entire process of checking guests in with ID scanning, pre-registering them before they even arrive, and minimizing wait times.

Visitor Management Systems are an essential asset for many businesses today; not only does it provide insight into the safety of their employees and visitors, but it also helps to promote a happy environment.

You can think about why you need a visitor management system like this: Every company needs to maximize its efforts when it comes to attracting prospects. You have people coming into your premises, they're interested in what you offer, they stay there for hours at times - but they don't come back.

It doesn't matter if they're just browsing around or if they've already made contact with your team; if they know where you are, then this means that there's always the potential for them to make a purchase of some kind - even if it isn't now.

That's why installing and implementing a visitor management system is crucial because not only does it provide greater access control within your premises; these systems also give you insights that allow you to understand why people decide against doing business with you.

A visitor management system helps you keep track of all those people coming and going from your workplace. This handy tool provides an easy way to tell who is in the building at any given time, what they are doing when they arrived, and when they left - helpful when things go haywire during off-hours or out of sight.

A visitor management system (VMS) or visitor registration solution lets you choose your company's visitors and know who is where. With a VMS, there will be fewer people wandering about freely - this can reduce liability issues as well as make it easier to enforce rules and regulations. You can also identify visitors using biometrics, track their movements, and set up audit logs so they don't accidentally bypass security protocols.

When selecting which one to buy, think about these questions:

How much does it cost to install? Will I need additional IT resources? What sort of reporting features are available? Can it integrate with other third-party systems I use (like an Intranet or building directory)? etc.

With today's technology, it's easy to stay connected - even when on the go. Many business owners wonder how to attract customers who browse their sites from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They're missing out on valuable potential sales if they don't provide an easy way for visitors to connect with them across multiple platforms, but this shouldn't be a problem if they invest in guest management software that caters to all types of web browsers!


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